What Are We Doing?

I want to help the industry I am part of with several items I see a lot of in the IT industry. This series is entitled:

What Are We Doing?

   As we progress through these articles, I encourage you to post input or topic suggestions or problems that you may experience so we can improve our industry as a whole together.

Continuing on, this week’s topic will be:


   I apologize for the delay in lack of articles written over the holidays. Now that January is upon us we need to kick this new year into gear. Perhaps you have had goal planning sessions for your work or set out your personal goals and now we need to get them accomplished.

   I believe in order to accomplish anything we need to make sure we understand our value.  You see on the very base level no matter what your “title” is we need to understand our personal value as people. We may get piles of goals and tasks put on us and we need to remember we have immense internal value within us to accomplish our goals.

   Do you realize that you are a blessed, focused, courageous, creative, bold, funny, positive, privileged, abundant, prepared, beautiful, energetic person? Add any other adjective you feel you are as a person to the list and say it to yourself at least 3 times a day.   These may be qualities you don’t hear from others as they “give you more opportunities” to achieve your goals. Remember you have these qualities within you.

   The more we realize our value as people the smaller the tasks to accomplish goals seem. We tend to create our own obstacles therefore the goals seem harder to accomplish or we do not connect with the goals. When we realize our great value that comes from a higher power, we can accomplish many things. Not all at once, but one step at a time. When we take the “blinders” off our abilities by reminding ourselves of our qualities, we can do great things.

 So what are we doing? Are we buckling under the “pressure” of goals and how to accomplish them? Or are we allowing ourselves to grow as a person, knowing we have great values within us and with those innate values, we can accomplish the goals we set out to do. If you know you are an organized person and “remind” yourself of that, you will take actions to continue that discipline and be organized. The more you are organized, the easier tasks are to accomplish because you have a clear path to accomplish a goal.

  Try it you may like the results you grow and the results you accomplish by building the value you have within you to share with others and accomplish bigger goals.

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