What Are We Doing? – Vampires

I want to help the industry I am part of with several items I see a lot of in the IT industry. This series is entitled:

What Are We Doing?

   As we progress through these articles, I encourage you to post input or topic suggestions or problems that you may experience so we can improve our industry as a whole together.

  Continuing on, this week’s topic will be:


   With Halloween passing us by, I wanted to touch base on the idea of workplace vampires. These are the people that drop your attitude into the basement. In Florida that is pretty low, as we don’t have basements. Workplace vampires are the people that bring their poor attitude of complaining or exuding their negative outlook to anyone within earshot for any new initiative.

   How does this make us feel? Perhaps you have co-workers that do this or know someone in your office that people will avoid extended discussions with to avoid their “vampire” tendencies to bring down the groups attitude.  They suck any energy out of opportunity because of their limited views or negativity.

  Now we push dealing with these people to management as it relates to a personnel issue.  However, we also have the power. We can try to have more in depth discussion about why the person may feel this way about this situation or all situations they may “suck the life out of” so the energy vampires understand people care to help them or give a better viewpoint.  We may also explain that this opportunity can be positive for everyone involved and can give a better outlook for people rather than the expanding the previous negative experience that person may have had. That is not the standard but an exception.

  A negative attitude will not do us much good. It does allow us to see an alternative viewpoint and possible pitfalls that we can avoid. A Positive attitude will get us much further as we have the insight that we can overcome obstacles that may appear and help to clarify “concerning/negative” viewpoints that people may have. A Positive attitude will help the team overall to see possibilities rather than obstacles.

  So what are we doing? Do we let our “corporate vampires” stop our projects and opportunities in their tracks? Or do we work with them to see the value of a new opportunity and how having a better outlook on upcoming projects and events help our whole work environment. This is not Pollyanna thinking as we know negative items will occur and come up. However, knowing that we can overcome these situations or that they are not permanent situations is a good start to combat the vampires in our organizations.

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