What Are We Doing? Learning

I want to help the industry I am part of with several items I see a lot of in the IT industry. This series is entitled:

What Are We Doing?

   As we progress through these articles, I encourage you to post input or topic suggestions or problems that you may experience so we can improve our industry as a whole together.

Continuing on, this week’s topic will be:


   Now I know I already covered the topic of training, but we need to look at learning moments as well. So many times in IT we get inundated with daily tasks and new emergencies that come up from down systems, users perceived errors, application issues etc.

   We then turn to fixing the immediate need of the issue. However, we may not look at what type of learning opportunity we may have. This could be similar to a Root Cause Analysis but not as painful. Think of this as a personal Root Cause Analysis.

  Many times this can be from the interactions we have with others during an outage or how we respond to requests of multiple people at the same time during or after the outage. I believe we need to ask ourselves a question:

“What Do I need to Learn here?”

This can give us insight of the overall situation and how we ca re-energize our learning prospective. We also get to feel more in control even when there is mayhem and we get to focus on progress instead of complaints. Complaining is no good for anyone unless you are offering a viable solution.

  As I wrote in last week’s post: Asking questions can show our inventiveness and our professional abilities. We cannot be afraid to ask a question or look at something a bit differently that can give a greater positive benefit not only to the customer but to the process and the team that would implement the new process or idea. Asking “What Can I Learn” allows us to see how we can obtain personal knowledge and grow from the situation. So we can see an opportunity even in a situation that initially is stressful and hard to deal with.

  So what are we doing? Are we taking the time to do a personal root cause analysis for ourselves?  Are we taking the time to observer what we do that we can improve on for the betterment of ourselves, the situation and the outcome? How are we dealing with co-workers or other people? When we deal with other better, we are better individually and as a team.

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