What Are We Doing? Questions

   I want to help the industry I am part of with several items I see a lot of in the IT industry. This series is entitled:

“What Are We Doing?”

As we progress through these articles, I encourage you to post input or topic suggestions or problems that you may experience so we can improve our industry as a whole together.
Continuing on, this week’s topic will be:


 Do you ask questions? Do you ever think “Why?”, “What if?”, “Why not?” In a manner of possibility. I heard this from Jim Rohn – Ask “Why”, “Why Not?”, “Why Not you?”, “Why not now?”. Questions of possibility. However, we can also ask these questions in a way that may be derogatory or grumpily.

  IT can get inundated with this negative realm. Why are we doing this process that adds time and effort but does not produce the proper result? Why doesn’t Joe do this? “What if I didn’t do this? We can feel depleted because we are always under the gun in IT with pressures of time, the cost of down systems or pressure from customers. The pressures of not knowing what will be next stops us from going forward as well.

  I believe we really need to look at questions not in frustration but rather in a positive perspective to possibilities. “What if I suggest a better way to do this process?” What if I pick up the slack and things that are not getting done?” “Why not me?”. This reminds me of the scenario in the movie “the Intern” with Robert De Niro and Ann Hathaway. There is a “office junk drawer table that people no one really does anything about. Then Robert De Niro’s character cleans it up. He said “why not?’ and “why not me?” A great character aspect for anyone, taking initiative.

  In the IT industry, initiative can get great results but many people fear the possibilities. We cannot limit ourselves by F.E.A.R.; False Expectations Appearing Real. We can take risks. We can ask questions. Ask questions that will show opportunity and have ideas to spark others to think of the possibilities. We can use our personal strengths to improve whatever we may be doing in IT. Ask a question that can help your team to be more positive or see a possibility of an application a network configuration or an implementation that will help the customer instead of IT.

  Asking questions can show our inventiveness and our professional abilities. We cannot be afraid to ask a question or look at something a bit differently that can give a greater positive benefit not only to the customer but to the process and the team that would implement the new process or idea.

  So what are we doing? Are we taking a moment to show a different perspective that can benefit ourselves and others? Are we asking questions that can intrigue a positive perspective and growth? Are we asking questions that will allow us to grow personally? That may mean taking the action to actually speak more to people and introduce yourself or do presentations that show your knowledge and perspective. Try it you may like it. Ask “Why Not me?”

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