What Are We Doing? – Focus

I want to help the industry I am part of with several items I see a lot of in the IT industry. This series is entitled:

What Are We Doing?

   As we progress through these articles, I encourage you to post input or topic suggestions or problems that you may experience so we can improve our industry as a whole together.

Continuing on, this week’s topic will be:


  In IT we tend to do multiple things at a rapid pace. It seems to be part of the job and industry. Being adaptable is a critical skill. However, it can and does lead to issues if we are not careful. As noted in a previous post about documentation, we need to make sure we document what we do and do ONE (1) thing at a time. This may mean you need to speak up and day, “Hold on, 1 minute please, let me get this thing done and documented”, etc.

I ran into this scenario during a recent upgrade as we were trying to get the application back on-line and running after an upgrade and I had two other people “suggesting” different things to do. I finally just said, “HOLD ON! I can only do one thing at a time, please let me finish this.” Because I paused and focused on what I needed to do, we were able to get the application running properly again.

The stress people may feel from these situations can affect them personally. Not only in medical issues, but responses to small things like general questions. I realized this over the weekend while getting “multiple requests” of things to get done at home. I felt my blood pressure rise and I yelled responses instead of calmly getting what I needed to get done. If you take a minute to pause you can prioritize what you need to do. You then have to calmly let others know the priority order.

Within the IT industry “everything” is critical since everything runs on IT platforms. If we have a down production system, that is priority. Changing a web page entry or restarting a service may not be as critical. Our fellow workers, management and customers need to know the priority order as well. That is why many vendors have SLA’s (Service level Agreements) so everyone knows the order. But has everyone ready that? It is like an insurance policy, the time you read it is when you need it, only to find out your limits at a critical time.

This may be a good time to put in a suggestion or have a meeting with your management to establish your SLA for your work. Explain the benefits of lower stress levels, proper implementations and less mistakes in any work if we can stay focused and remain on the same page.

So What Are We Doing? Are we stressing out and not looking at the cause or explaining why? We want to come to work and have less stress more focus to achieve the goals we set out to accomplish. We can do this at home as well so we have a more peaceful home scenario as well. We don’t need to be like an ADD dog and go after every shiny thing around us. When we stay focused, we narrow our perspective like a magnifying glass and achieve a lot more.

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