What Are We Doing?

    After many months of reflecting, thinking and experiencing, I want to help the industry I am part, The IT industry, with several items I often see occurring. I want to encourage positive action with the people in in the IT industry. This series will be entitled:

What Are We Doing?

   As we progress through these articles, I encourage you to post input or topic suggestions or problems that you may experience so we can improve our industry as a whole together.

   So let’s get started on the topics. The first topic will be:

Texting/Electronic Devices

  You may have seen previous posts about this topic from me. This is a pet peeve of mine and several other organizations. Especially if you are driving. Just take a look around your car when you stop at a light. Most people will be fully engrossed in what is on the small screen on their device. If it is dark, the smart phone glow will illuminate their faces as they look at their device. Yes, this means you need to stop looking at your texts/e-mails etc. on your device as well to see others around you.

   Our world is not what is on that small screen. Go through a lobby or look around at the people in the airport and you will see how people have lost interaction skills with other people because they are so interested in their “smart” device.  I have seen people walking into things like poles, traffic, other people and even the wrong restroom while focused on their phone. Lobbies are quite yet full of people, again not talking to each other but head down in a device.  Kids don’t talk to each other anymore as they text each other or IM through game consoles. Neighborhoods are quite because kids don’t go out and play or ride bikes anymore.

   When is the last time the phone on your desk, if you have one, rang or someone came to your desk/office and had a conversation? We are losing relationships with people because the terms “e-mail me”, “IM me” or “text me”.  Many miscommunications could be avoided if conversations were had instead of e-mail chains.  Remember when we talked to each other?

    On the rare occasion my wife and I get out to dinner by ourselves, we have our “smart phones” with us but we are not lost in the small screens. I have often looked around our table in disgust as I see couples focused on texting, emailing etc. instead of the person right across the table. PUT DOWN THE DEVICE, Step away from the phone.

   Our world and our future can improve if we look up from these devices and interact with one another again. Have conversations, look someone in the eye, sincerely compliment someone’s appearance because you see them.

    Being a part of the IT industry, these devices, networks and application are important to our industry as that is what has helped IT become the backbone of everything. But as human beings, we need to interact, communicate without clicking keys or using our thumbs. Our kids have lost the ability to talk to people coherently or have quality interviews because they don’t talk to each other. How many C-level officers do you see texting each other?  They communicate vocally and in-person.

    So What Are We Doing? Perhaps it is time to communicate on an interpersonal level by speaking to each other and looking at each other instead of through technology, text, email or IM’s.

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