Cell phone glow

I must apologize as it has been some time since my last post.  Wow that sounds like confession..

Lately I have seen a lot of the “Cell Phone Glow” going on as I take my son to school in the morning. So many people are looking at their cell phones while driving. It as if they don’t think the “Cell phone glow” will not be seen in the dark. Yet I see people looking at their phones while turning, not a good idea. People looking a the phones while driving and texting of course.

The worst part is a lot of these are students.  Where do you think they get these “skills” from?  We really need to be more diligent as to what we do in the car. Kids do watch and kids can see.

Another thing you always see is in the picture above of the group “conversing” at lunch. We seem to be losing the ability to truly converse with one another and speak. Instead we pull out our cell phone and check Facebook, YouTube, email etc.  I have gone to many restaurants with my wife and we have commented (talked) about this issue.

Technology is good to serve a specific purpose, when it starts to effect us and communicating, interacting human beings, that is when we need our discipline to limit technology.




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