Let’s be Optimistic

Are we Optimistic in IT? Is there a feeling of confidence or hope in your organization?
Optimistic is defined as “Hopeful and confident about the future.” Is this shown in your organization?

As we go through our daily events, we need to believe that we are given this day and that our future will contain desirable results. However, our team mates and co-workers may try to knock these ideas/beliefs out of our mind by complaining about previous issues or troubles they have experienced. We can certainly learn from these experiences however, we don’t need to let them stop us. An optimistic/Positive attitude is a choice we get to make about everything that occurs in our life.

We can direct our thoughts to be optimistic allowing for a greater outlook, better feeling and better outcome within our work environment or even our homes. If we choose to believe and display an optimistic attitude no matter what occurs, others will see that and emulate that feeling and outlook. This produces a fun and productive environment. Positive Actions can create a better tomorrow. Not to mention a whole lot of smiling and hopeful people in an industry that can be under A LOT of stress is much better than complaining and grumbling. Being hopeful allows ideas to grow and solutions to come about as our minds are more in-tuned to positive, optimistic outcomes.

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