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How many times have you received an e-mail about something that half the world was copied on?  Yet there is always someone who probably doesn’t read the whole e-mail or just wants every listed party on the e-mail to know they said “Thank You” or ask fifteen questions. Really!

I know we are very busy with what we do as IT professionals.  But we really need to take a minute or two to read the whole e-mail and reply ONLY to those that need to be replied to.  Everyone does not need to get an e-mail of someone saying Thank You or seeing questions from someone who wasn’t involved in the whole process is asking.  If you have questions, be old-fashioned and pick up the phone and call the right party and actually talk to the person. It is much easier to get clarification in a conversation than through e-mail or worse, texting.

These tools have supposedly “made our life easier” but our human interaction and communication skills have depleted. Just walk through any high school and kids will be testing each other when they are standing next to each other, they don’t answer their cell phone when a parent calls yet they will reply to a text within seconds. These are our future leaders. What I think is worse is that so many parents are texting more. They don’t pick up the phone to confirm where their children are or what the plan is with the parents, or if the parents are even home. They just text short messages to their kids or the parents.  I want to make sure my children are safe and know what is going on so I want to talk to a parent. Clarifying this will take less time on a phone conversation than texting not to mention it is probably safer.  Just look around your car at any stop light or worse when driving..

We need to remember the value of personal communication to other people  and our ability to communicate clearly through speaking and presentations. E-mail test or text does not show the emotion or conviction you have in your voice or the expression on your face.

As a Speaker, I offer coaching to many individuals and groups to help bring back the necessary skills of speaking/presenting clearly and with emotion and enthusiasm. These skills carry you farther as people respond to encouragement, enthusiasm and emotion.  If I can help you or a group you are part of, please feel free to contact me.


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