Who is your Backup? LoL

Have you even been asked “Who is Your Backup?” Only to laugh out loud?

Realistically we need a backup. We have backup generators, backup servers for systems, HA systems, clustered nodes etc. A husband has a wife, a wife has the husband (sometimes), but in IT who has your back? When you want to go on vacation or “need” to go on vacation are you getting called, texts, IM’s about system outages and “Critical issues”?   Do you end up on a device while away from the office on your time trying to fix something that would be “easier and faster if you just did it”? Who covers your stuff?

Any management team needs to see these issues that occur in just about every organization.  We need to  plan for appropriate time for uninterrupted cross-training, knowledge sharing and the fact that a lot of workers are leaving by attrition. Baby boomers may want to retire and their skill set and knowledge needs to be documented and shared BEFORE they leave. Not to mention the time to replace a person that may meet certain requirements may take 6 month or more. All these factors need to be looked at when supporting IT staff.

We need to realize that we are all people first. and people get tired, burned out, stressed out and after a while the pay does not justify the wear and tear on your mind, body, family or your spirit. We need to be aware and take care of the people.

If your organization or group needs some encouraging insight into these type of topics or how to see the great value IT brings to an organization I would be glad to help you. I encourage you to review my web page below.

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