Is Your IT Organization Entrepreneurial?

An entrepreneur is someone who undertakes and and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

An IT organization doesn’t necessarily like risk. If allowed to have a choice, most IT organizations would not prefer to “risk” much.

However, today’s business climate is making most organization look at how the IT organization can be more than “just a cost” to the rest of the organization. How can IT show the value they provide, the benefits they produce for the organization?

This is where IT needs to step out from behind the servers and monitors and tell more people about what IT can do for their organization. Show how IT can benefit the different departments of companies and work together for a greater good of the whole organization. IT as an Entrepreneurial organization is a different concept. It can be scary for many people in IT as we have always been focused on task accomplishment and not so much on interaction with people and understanding how applications and systems may affect their business.

We need to remember we are all people first. What we do in our daily role or our jobs comes after that. As people we want to understand, communicate and feel good and be secure. We are people first and we relate to other people.

Entrepreneurs meet with people, talk to people and learn and understand a clients business. Why should IT do the same? We have and can offer many solutions that will benefit others. We just need to realize that value and “advertise”, present and explain more benefits to our “customers”.

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