Bring IT to the Table

As I have been posting new blogs I have received great input and feedback from many people. Thank You.

I also wanted to remind our industry of the role of IT. Many if not all systems businesses operate on involve IT people. So the old idea of getting IT involved after an office is built and people starting to move in is out the door.IT needs to be part of the planning stages.

Current building monitoring systems need to be in place when the building is built, A/C systems need to consider that a room or two may be full of IT equipment that generates a lot of heat. Server hardware requires space, cooling, wiring troughs, raised floor considerations etc. As more and more systems get put into place there a lot of considerations that IT needs to be part of at the beginning of projects. Corporate systems should not run on a PC at someone’s desk. They need secured environments, properly ventilated environments, proper fire suppression, proper electrical panels in these environments. These types of infrastructure need to be in the planning and building stages of a new office.

If we prepare properly from the beginning, IT doesn’t have to “drink from the fire hose” all the time. We can explain the benefits of best practices for these type of scenarios to other departments and why you will want redundancy, newer operating systems and these infrastructures in place before you have people in a new building.  IT is Here to Help, not just be a cost.

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