How Does That Make You Feel?

This may sound like something you would hear while laying on a couch talking to a psychiatrist or something. However, I believe this is something that needs to be considered in the IT field.

The IT field has many stresses. As described in previous posts, budget cuts, less staff, less training and projects that are high priority all the time, cause people to feel stresses, devalued, overwroked etc. But does anyone ask “How those things make you feel?” First and foremost we are people and we need to have interaction with people about things that don’t relate to IT bits and bytes. We need to know people genuinely care about us as people.

  • Having social events helps, laughing is a GREAT way to encourage that human interaction and cohesiveness.
  • Rubber Chickens. We have these and will squeeze the chicken, whenever stress levels get high and we start to laugh and comment to each other.
  • Talking. Yes, IT people can talk to other people and we are usually very diverse interests. You can talk to us about non IT things.

Another way of feeling better is stepping up. Get away from doing something just because I.A.B.D.T.W. “It’s Always Been Done That Way”. Ask the question Why? Why do we do this task that way? Why are we still paying for that?, Why causes people to think and many times we can think “Out of the Box” and come up with great solutions and suggestions.

Don’t let F.E.A.R. get in your way. We know this is False Expectations Appearing Real. If you don’t know what the results will be, don’t make up an outcome in your head. IF you need new equipment and have the technical justification for it, go explain it to your management so they see the benefits to allocate the funds. Do not assume they will just say no.  People do want to know more information and that can go form management to management. Encourage open dialog with management and your coworkers.  Great things come form open communications.

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