The IT GEEK That Can Speak

For many years people have read my Blog posts about general topics or opinions. I would like to get more focused with you and tell you about my focused effort to speak and encourage to IT groups, departments and organizations. So IT organizations see a bigger picture than the tasks and technical tribulations of our industry while “outsiders” get a better idea about daily life in the IT field.

As a Speaker, Author and Encouragement Engineer, I specialize in encouraging organizations to help bring about cohesiveness within the organization between IT and other departments. I reinforce four keys to success:

  1. IT is a critical factor in any business and creating understanding of value IT provides to other parts of the organization is essential.
  2. IT not only needs to understand the needs of their customers & business partners and the specific business outcomes they seek to impact, but they also need to understand the business implications of the solutions they offer.
  3. IT needs to address how technology can meet corporate needs such as Return On Investments (ROI), Long-term strategic investments/growth and/or corporate strategy.
  4. Encouraging a positive viewpoint with team members to build a productive team that achieves corporate objectives.

Blending theses four concepts is critical for a cohesive, achievement oriented organization.

This post will be an introductory synopsis of what I want to give to the IT industry.

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